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Celine Dion: Through The Eyes Of The World (Blu-ray) Формат: Blu-ray (PAL) (Keep case) Дистрибьютор: SONY BMG Russia Региональный код: А, B, С Звуковые дорожки: Английский Dolby TrueHD 5 1 Формат инфо 10210q.

От издателя "…Whether Frolicking With Admirers In Johannesburg Or Accepting France's Legion Of Honor Medal In Paris, Wowing Throngs Or Greeting A Sick Child Backstage, She (Celine) Emerges As A Paragon Oбэщянf Greatness And Goodness" Usa Today (The Movie) "Does More Than Highlight Her Performances During Her Last World Tour, It Also Allows Fans Rare Glimpses Of Her Offstage Life The Documentary Shows Dion As A Goofy Jokester, A Doting Mother, A Tender Wifeвкхуы, A Wide-Eyed Tourist, A Devoted Daughter And More The Cameras Tag Along For Intimate Moments The Superstar Is Happy To Share With Fans" MSNBC "Celine IsThe Oames Brown Of Her Generation - The Hardest-Working Woman In Show Business" The Globe & Mail "The Film Succeeds Because It Lets* Us In On Celine The Person As Much As Celine The Performer" Boston Herald "…You Can't Help But Be Impressed By This Fascinating Portrait Of A Superstar Tryingвсзяи Very Hard To Keep Her Feet On Earth While Her Career Keeps Soaring Ever Upward" The Toronto Star "Celine Through The Eyes Of The World, A Must-SeeDion's Goal Was For Her World To Remain Human, Real And Authentic Mission Accomplished" Le Journal De Montreal "A Celine That We Rarely See" La Presse "It Also Shows The Behind-The-Scenes Action That An Ordinary Ticket Holder Would Never Get To See Fascinating" The Sunday Telegraph Актер Селин Дион (Исполнитель) Celine Dion.

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